If you want to save some coin but don't want to lose any quality, our carefully crafted packs will help you do just that.

Our produce is delivered fresh to the store, which means we can prepare any pack as soon as you order for pick up on the same day. If you live out of town and your planning a trip to Toowoomba call ahead and order a pack to be made on a date that suits you.  

Each pack is always made fresh to order and can be customised to suit any request. Our packs are a great way to save even on products that hasn't been reduced. Select from our range of carefully crafted pack menus or if are feeling creative our in store butcher will tailor make you a personalised pack.

Pack Menus

$48.00 Breakfast Pack

Dozen Eggs
1Kg.  Bacon
1Kg. Breakfast Sausages
1Kg. Lamb Grilling Chops

$75.00 BBQ. Pack

1Kg. BBQ. Steak
1Kg. BBQ. Sausages
1Kg. Lamb BBQ. Chops
1Kg. Lean Mince
1Kg. Steakettes

$99.00 Mini Pack

1Kg. BBQ. Pork Chops
1Kg. BBQ. Lamb Chops
1Kg. Crumbed Steak
1Kg. Lean Mince
1Kg. Beef Sausages
1Kg. Rump Steak

$159.00 Family Park

    1Kg. Budget Rump Steak
    1Kg. Lean Mince
    1Kg. Crumbed Steak
    1Kg. Beef Sausages
    1Kg. Pork Sausages
    1Kg. BBQ. Steak
    1Kg Corned Silverside
    1Kg. Y-Bone Steak
    1Kg. Lean Steakettes
    1.5Kg. Beef Roast

    $350.00 Family Park

    2Kg. Diced Steak
    2Kg. Crumbed Steak 
    2Kg. T-Bone Steak
    2Kg. Lamb BBQ. Chops
    2Kg. BBQ. Steak
    2Kg. BBQ. Pork Chops
    2Kg. Beef Roast
    2Kg. Lean Steakettes
    2Kg. Lean Mince
    2Kg. Beef Sausages
    2Kg. Pork Sausages


    $390.00 Bulk Beef Pack

    2Kg. T-Bone Steak
    2Kg. Rump Steak
    2Kg. Lean Mince
    2Kg. Corned Silverside
    2Kg. Y-Bone Steak
    2Kg. Beef Sausages
    2Kg. Round Steak
    2Kg. Topside Steak
    2Kg. Lean Steakettes
    2Kg. Diced Steak
    2Kg. Beef Roast

    $99.00 Lamb Pack

    2Kg. Leg of Lamb
    2Kg. Lamb F.Q. Chops
    1Kg. Lamb Loin Chops
    1Kg. Rissoles

    $99.00 Pork Pack

    1.5Kg. Roasting Pork
    2Kg. Pork BBQ. Chops
    1Kg. Diced Pork
    1Kg. Pork Loin Chops
    1Kg. Pork Sausages

    $55.00 Chicken Pack

    1Kg. Chicken Wings
    1Kg. Breast Fillet
    1 Dozen Free Range Eggs
    1Kg. Chicken Sausages
    1Kg. Chicken Drumsticks
    1Kg. Chicken Schnitzel

    Bulk Msa. Tender Stretched Yearling Beef.

    Hind Quarter ~ $13.99Kg
    Fore Quarter ~ $12.99Kg
    Side of Beef ~ $11.99Kg

    Fresh Warwick Lambs

    Side or Whole ~ $16.99Kg

    Local Kingaroy Pigs

    Side or Whole ~ $9.99Kg

    All orders cut, packed & labeled to your requirements.

    Prices subject to change without notice