Our Meat

At Northpoint Meats we take pride ensuring we only select the highest quality meats for you and your family.

All our products are carefully selected from local farmers and all our beef produces meet the high regulations of Meat Standards Australia (MSA).  

We support the locals and ensure out MSA beef is also raised in this region. Our long standing history with our local farmers ensures we source the best quality Killarney Beef, Kingaroy Pork, Warwick Lamb and Lilydale Free Range Chicken. 

None of our meat is pre-packed, has preservatives or is gassed with oxygen before it arrives to our store. We go to the saleyards and select only the best to ensure our produce is fresh and high quality. While we are there, we check that the livestock is in healthy condition, are the correct breed, have not been stressed and has been cared for in an ethical environment. 

Our beef, pork and lamb is delivered fresh twice a week and our chicken is delivered fresh daily. Have peace of mind knowing every time you shop with us is not only the highest quality but it’s always fresh. 

Check out what we have in store: